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Fairbanks, Alaska, IAOSM, Mark Wade, Interior Alaska, Orthopedics, bone doctor, Surgery Center, Fairbanks Memorial Hospital

Christine DiCurti | A Personal Story


Dr Wade has been my orthopedic surgeon since 1997 when he repaired a shoulder impingement for me. Since then I have seen him off and on for various problems.


I continued to have more shoulder problems and over the past 5 years I was slowly unable to do the things I enjoyed most without pain. Therefore I decided at the beginning of 2013 to visit Dr. Wade again. After reading the MRI we discussed my options. The problems were many, all my rotator cuff tendons were shredded and the ball and socket of my right shoulder were eaten away by arthritis, so any repetitive movement caused pain.


The treatment options were limited, either a total shoulder replacement or a hemi-arthroplasty, also known as humeral head resurfacing, with a cadaver tendon graft to pad my socket.
I very much appreciated that Dr. Wade took into consideration me as a whole person and that I am a physically active retiree and still wanted to swim, cross country ski, bike and travel . We discussed at length over several visits what procedure he thought I would be happiest with and what the best surgery would be for my active lifestyle.


On April 5, 2013 Dr. Wade performed the hemi-arthroplasty with a cadaver achilles tendon graft and a repair of all my rotator cuff tendons. My surgery was done at the Surgery Center of Fairbanks where my care was outstanding.


Three and one half months later I was snorkeling with the Whale Sharks off of Cancun, Mexico.
I owe my once again active lifestyle to the expertise and caring that Dr. Wade provided. His staff was professional, positive and have a great rapport with their patients.
I would highly recommend to any one that needs an orthopedic surgeon that Dr. Wade is the man for the job.


You are awesome Dr. Wade, Thanks!

Christine DiCurti

Photo courtesy Andy Murch, Big Fish Expeditions

Fairbanks, Alaska, IAOSM, Mark Wade, Interior Alaska, Orthopedics, bone doctor, Surgery Center, Fairbanks Memorial Hospital

Michael Titus | 

Dr. Wade has been my orthopedic surgeon for the past 10 years and if it wasn't for his experience and insight I would not be able to lead the active lifestyle I enjoy.


I have played basketball my entire life and for the longest time I had foot, ankle and shin pain. It inhibited me on the court and after I got done playing sometimes I could barely walk. All it took was a single check up by Dr. Wade to diagnose me with pronantion of the foot. One simple call and he set me up with a technician who fitted me with foot orthotics I still wear to this day. If not for his help I would not have been able to continue on with my basketball aspirations.


Those aspirations took me to the University of Alaska where I played ball for four years (04-08). When my shoulder continued to dislocate and give me problems I knew just the man to talk to. Dr. Wade fixed me up before my junior year and I went on to have a successful season. Then a year later when my other shoulder continued to go out, he worked his magic yet again. I now have two healthy shoulders that are stronger than they were before and I haven't missed a step on the court. It's a great feeling to drive it hard ot the basket and not have to worry whether one of my shoulders will fall out. Even when I was having stomach cramps he referred me to a hernia doctor and a couple of months and two surgeries later, no more stomach pain. What I learned from this was that if Dr. Wade can't fix it, he knows someone who can.


Dr. Wade is not only a phenomenal person and orthopedic surgeon but he surrounds himself with great staff. The ladies at Interior Alaska Orthopedic and Sports Medicine always make me feel at home and are genuinely interested in how things are going both medically and personally. I feell like I know everyone in the office and they me. A visit to the office is like visiting friends.


The Fairbanks community is lucky to have the caliber of talent and ability Dr. Wade brings to the table. He has seen my family and I through numerous problems and always been able to provide his expertise in enabling us to live healthier and pain free lives. I recommend Dr. Wade to anyone who has any sort of orthopedic problem. I have peace of mind living my active lifestyle because I know if I injure myself Dr. Wade will be there to fix me up. I am proud to call him my friend and my orthopedic surgeon.


Michael Titus

Fairbanks, Alaska, IAOSM, Mark Wade, Interior Alaska, Orthopedics, bone doctor, Surgery Center, Fairbanks Memorial Hospital

Larry Bartlett | Author & Wilderness Guide

I started having pain in both shoulders over a year ago. Coincidentally, I make my living as a river guide here in Alaska, and when I'm not rowing a raft and fighting the oars through whitewater rapids, I'm a professional outdoor writer. I decided to go see Dr. Wade when I was unable to set in front of my computer and type without excruciating pain, so I knew that rowing a watercraft was out of the question.


After a thorough examination, Dr. Wade diagnosed me with impingement syndrome, which he felt was bad enough to warrant surgery to resolve my chronic pain.


Dr. Wade performed the first of two surgeries later that month, and after just one week post-op, I felt like a new man. So cured, in fact, that I scheduled the second surgery on the opposite shoulder a couple of months later


He performed his 'magic' and I am now six weeks post-op and pain free. Not only do I consider myself completely free of all shoulder pain, but also I have regained full range of motion and total strength rebound. I felt like his only patient when he personally called and checked on me before and after both surgeries, and his staff also called to see if my recoveries were progressing adequately. If it weren't for my new friend and surgeon, Dr. Wade, I would be a total wreck. He has given me the quality of life that I once had, as well as returned me to duty in my professional career.


It's knowledgeable people like Dr. Wade that make patient care a pleasurable experience. And his office staff is the most professional health care workers I have ever encountered, and I have worked with hundreds of doctors and nurses, being a Licensed Nurse myself for nearly 15 years.


I actually feel like I can push the limits of my potential and not worry so much about injury, because I now have a proficient and extremely talented bone doctor. I personally feel as though other orthopedic doctors should model their practices after Dr. Wade and his professional staff. I have recommended his services to many people with elbow, knee, and shoulder pain, and would gladly speak personally with anyone who has questions.


Larry Bartlett

Author / Wilderness Guide

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